Information on the crowded condition of Mt. Hakodate ropewayInformation on the crowded condition of Mt. Hakodate ropeway

Roof observatory is expected to be very crowded for 1-2 hours after sunset.

■Sunset time

Sunset time varies seasonally. The beautiful night view is best about 30 minutes after sunset time.

Sunset Hours

The place below has relatively less crowded time to enjoy the night view. Please visit when you come to the mountaintop.

■Isaribi Park
Isaribi Park is on the left side when getting off the cable car. This place is relatively less crowded. You can see Shimokita Peninsula and Tsugaru Peninsula on a fine weather and isaribi (lights for luring fish) at night in summer and fall from here.

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  • isaribikouen
  • isaribikouen